The best real-time communication tool and construction project management systems under one roof.
The place where everyone on your teams comes together to do construction projects more efficient and faster.
Construction Project Management Assistant automates construction management processes via Slack. It connects to Procore, Plangrid, and other tools to improve project team productivity.
Efficient Collaboration Hub for Construction Projects
Speed up your projects with Slack tool by removing chaos of emails, SMS, and meetings. Bring all of your office, field and project managers together in one place and quickly discuss and share important information using a single user-friendly interface.
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Slack with powerful Procore or Plangrid integration
Make decisions and solve issues faster. Spend less time on RFIs, Tasks, Punch list, etc., reducing manual data entry. Get notifications and analytics in Slack from the construction project management (PM) systems.
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Interoperability between PM systems of Subcontractor and General Contractor/Owner
Resolve the challenge of duplicate data entry. Create and keep linked records at once in project management systems of different stakeholders right from within Slack. No Common Data Exchange (CDX) protocol required.
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Efficient Collaboration Hub for Construction Projects
Slack doesn't replace the tool you use for project management — but it does make it better.
Tool for project tracking
All activities of construction projects in Slack can be organized by projects, teams, and channels that assemble project members around common topics such as tasks, quality, safety, RFIs, documentation, etc.

More productivity for your teams.
Slack helps to reduce internal emails, SMS and meetings along with increased productivity and other benefits. Easy share text, pictures, documents and files in messaging channels.

Solution for General contractors
Join your subcontractors, foremen, clients and project managers in one place.
Make cross-functional decisions faster, simply discuss and resolve issues, requests. Notify teams about changes and important information, remind deadlines, etc.
Field and office collaboration
Connect the field and office in ways that are hard to understand until you see it. Reducing meetings, Slack makes it feel like the field and office aren't 1000 miles away, but like they're in the one room.
Slack with powerful Procore or Plangrid integration integration with construction project management (PM) systems adds to Slack real construction focus. Slack doesn't replace the tool you use for project management — but it does make it better.
Solution for General contractors
Using Slack, you can reduce manual entry of subcontractor records in your PM system. The simple and natural Slack interface is clear to your subcontractors and foremen, it does not require training and it's cost-efficient.
Manage RFIs
Just type the text of RFI in the Slack channel. Reduce long communication threads, discuss and clarify it and then create the item in Procore or Plangrid without leaving Slack. Get notifications to Slack about RFI status changes and track your RFIs any time from Slack.

Manage Tasks
Discuss resolutions and create new tasks in the Project management systems right from any Slack messages. The person who was assigned can easily resolve the tasks from within Slack.
Manage Punch list and observations.
Resolve punch list items or observations from within Slack. Field managers can easily request the list of assigned items and move them to the "Ready for review" status in the project management system from within Slack, attaching images.
Daily logs bot helps your subcontractors or superintendents to create logs in PM system from Slack.
Interoperability between PM systems of Subcontractor and General Contractor/Owner automation allows contractors to make and track records in PM systems of different stakeholders at once.
Reduce duplicate data entry
Lack of data interoperability between project delivery stakeholders leads to waste of "manual data entry from application to application". automation creates, for example, RFI from Slack message into GC and sub PM systems at once.
Status Log Management keeps the link between the same records in PM systems of stakeholders. For example, the association between GC RFI # and Sub RFI # allows automatically tracking the status logs as single RFI.
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