The best real-time communication tool and construction project management systems under one roof.
The place where everyone on your teams comes together to do construction projects more efficient and faster.
Construction Project Management Assistant automates construction management processes via Slack. It connects to Procore, Plangrid, and other tools to improve project team productivity.
Efficient Collaboration Hub for Construction Projects
Speed up your projects with Slack tool by removing chaos of emails, SMS, and meetings. Bring all of your office, field and project managers together in one place and quickly discuss and share important information using a single user-friendly interface.
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Slack with powerful Procore or Plangrid integration
Make decisions and solve issues faster. Spend less time on RFIs, Tasks, Punch list, etc., reducing manual data entry. Get notifications and analytics in Slack from the construction project management (PM) systems.
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Interoperability between PM systems of Subcontractor and General Contractor/Owner
Resolve the challenge of duplicate data entry. Create and keep linked records at once in project management systems of different stakeholders right from within Slack. No Common Data Exchange (CDX) protocol required.
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Meet our team
Max Karionov
Founder & Engineering in construction
Over 12 years of engineering and top management in real industrial construction companies.
Expert in productivity of industrial contractors.
Realization of field productivity benchmarking.
Speaker at International project management and cost engineering conferences.
MBA in Construction Management
Eduard Karionov
Founder IT Development
Entrepreneur, over 7 years of experience developing SaaS app and creating IT projects for Enterprise, ChatBots etc. Successful development of three large saas projects, successful exit from own projects: and
Great marketing experience
Alex Gulvanjuk
CTO Lead Developer
Over 10 years of backend development DevOps/Software Integration Engineer.
Former CTO and
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